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Matanot L'ebyonim & Mahatzit Hashekel

Mahatzit Hashekel

In the month of Adar, during the times of the temple, there was a mitzvah for everyone to donate a half shekel coin which contained 10 grams of pure silver. The money was used to buy the daily sacrifices in the temple. In memory of this mitzvah, we have a tradition today to give, during the month of Adar - the value of 10 grams of silver. This year the value of silver is very high; $10 per person. The custom is to give for every family member. A pregnant woman should also give for her unborn baby. There is also a cheaper way of doing this custom which is to give $1.50 per family member. 

Syrian Jews also have the tradition to write all the names in a book. The Shul can help you fulfill this mitzvah. Click on your choise of $10 / per person or $1.50 / per person and add the names to be entered into the book. 

(For Males enter "Ben" For Females enter "Bat")

Matanot l'ebyonim

Mordechai and Esther instituded that every man and woman are obligated to give money to the poor.  Every child from the age of 6 has to do this mitzvah. One should give $5 to 2 poor people, for a total of $10. The more you give, the merrier! The Shul can act as a messenger to give the money to the poor on Purim day.  Please enter the amount of people you would like to give and endter how much you would like to donate. 

Mon, March 1 2021 17 Adar 5781